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Dr. Tea Nguyen, DPM

Giving better care by offering better options. I deeply care about patient’s outcomes, both functionally and cosmetically, and am constantly on the lookout for safer and proven alternatives to traditional care. For example, traditional surgery employs large incisions and so naturally there is a higher risk of post-op complications (pain, infection, scarring, etc). That is why I sought out experts in minimally invasive surgery to treat many conditions including heel pain, bone spurs, bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, tarsal tunnel syndrome and ankle pain, to name a few. With the advancement of medicine and demands from patients to return to work faster, minimally invasive surgery makes sense. A smaller incision means faster healing, less tissue damage, less pain, less use of opioids, and immediate weight bearing after surgery. Small incisions gives elegant results, reduces surgery-related complications which produces highly satisfied patients. Putting patient’s safety at the forefront will always be my number one priority.