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"We look forward to helping you."

Check out each team member’s bio. They were each carefully chosen to be part of Pacific Point Podiatry for their compassionate nature and willingness to help others. 

Dr. Tea Nguyen, DPM

Giving better care by offering better options. I deeply care about patient’s outcomes, both functionally and cosmetically, and am constantly on the lookout for safer and proven alternatives to traditional care. For example, traditional surgery employs large incisions and so naturally there is a higher risk of post-op complications (pain, infection, scarring, etc). That is why I sought out experts in minimally invasive surgery to treat many conditions including heel pain, bone spurs, bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, tarsal tunnel syndrome and ankle pain, to name a few. With the advancement of medicine and demands from patients to return to work faster, minimally invasive surgery makes sense. A smaller incision means faster healing, less tissue damage, less pain, less use of opioids, and immediate weight bearing after surgery. Small incisions gives elegant results, reduces surgery-related complications which produces highly satisfied patients. Putting patient’s safety at the forefront will always be my number one priority. 

Fellowship Training: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Texas – Wound Care Fellowship, 2014-15

Residency Training: St John Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Michigan – Reconstructive Foot & Rearfoot Surgery 2011-14

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) Degree: Des Moines University, Iowa – College of Podiatric Medicine 2008-2011

Healing Heel Ulcers in High-Risk Patients: Distally Based Peroneus Brevis Muscle Flap Case Series. Tea Nguyen, DPM; Edgardo Rodriguez-Collazo, DPM. Article in Press Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, 2019.

Burst Stimulation Reducing Pain and Improving TcpO2 in Peripheral Vascular Disease: A Case Study. Neelesh K. Anand, MD; Tea Nguyen, DPM; Lawrence Poree, MD, PhD Won Best Poster Presentation at North American Neuromodulation Society, Jan 2018

A Retrospective Review of Split-Thickness Skin Grafts in the Foot and Ankle of Patients with Diabetes. Kyle Sanniec, MD; Tea Nguyen, DPM; Javier LaFontaine, DPM; Lawrence Lavery, DPM Published in Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, Sept 2017

Diagnostic accuracy of Probe to Bone to Detect Osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Foot: A Systematic Review. Kenrick Lam, Suzanne AV Van Asten, MD; Tea Nguyen, DPM; Javier La Fontaine, DPM; Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH Published in Diabetes Care 2016

Reoperation and Reamputation After Transmetatarsal Amputation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Jakob C. Thorud, DPM, MS; Daniel C. Jupiter, PhD; Jonathan Lorenzana, DPM; Tea Tu Nguyen, DPM; Naihiro Shibuya, DPM, MS, FACFAS Published in Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, July 2016

TPMA June 2015 “A Retrospective Review of Split Thickness Skin Grafts in the Foot & Ankle of Patients with Diabetes.” Tea Nguyen, DPM; Javier La Fontaine, DPM; Lawrence Lavery, DPM, MPH Won 1st place in “Post-Graduate Research Poster Competition”

MPMA Feb 2013 “Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in Podiatry.” Tea Nguyen, DPM-PGY-2; Neil Shaw, DPM Won 2nd place for “Best Resident Abstract Presentation”

American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)

American Microsurgical Orthoplastic Society (AMOS)

California Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) 

Meet the Team


Coco - Patient Care Coordinator Specialist

“I love helping people. I will be the one welcoming you into our office, either when you first call us or when you’re walking into our doors. I can assist you in scheduling your appointments and preparing you for your visit with the doctor. I’m likely the one answering and returning your phone calls. I look forward to making your visit a pleasant experience.”

Angie - Senior Medical Assistant

“I also love helping people, making their visits comfortable and informative. I will be preparing the rooms and making sure we have all that is needed to make your visit smooth. That includes reviewing previous orders, setting up for procedures, and reviewing documents you may have questions about. I have had over 10 years of medical experience in podiatry, so you can trust me to understand any concerns you have about your visit. I will even hold your hand if you are worried. I will assure that your visit is a positive experience.” 

Jackie - Medical Assistant

“Like Angie, I am here to help make your visit go as smoothly as possible. Consider me as your confidant, your pre-visit with the doctor. I can help clarify the doctors recommendations. Don’t let my age fool you, I have many years of experience in the medical field and aspire to further my education in medicine.”

Tina - Billing Specialist

“Understanding insurances is confusing for everyone and I will be helping you understand your insurance plan so that you can maximize its benefits. If your bill doesn’t look right to you, I will be the one to help you with billing issues. If you have financial struggles, I can work with you through that too with simple and reasonable payment plans. I am happy to help!”