Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery is reserved as the last resort when padding, toes spacers/splinting, injections, pain medications, orthotics, shoe and work modifications have been exhausted. 

There are many different procedures available to address a bunion deformity and is based on several factors such as severity, amount of correction needed, other health factors, whether flat feet or joint instability is involved, and so on. 

The general category of surgeries include:

  • shaving the bump
  • cutting and shifting bone
  • fusing a joint

A complete physical evaluation and x-rays are necessary to determine which procedure would be best for you. The larger the deformity, the more involved the surgery is. 

Minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery (MIFAS) can address mild to moderate bunions. MIFAS uses small incisions, only 3 mm wide, compared to traditional techniques. This allows for a faster recovery and you are able to walk right after surgery. 

Traditional procedures include the Austin, or modified, bunionectomy (cutting and shifting bone) or Lapidus bunionectomy (joint fusion). Commonly, screws are used in the traditional techniques but is not necessary with MIFAS.


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