There must have been something in the air in the last few week but I had a string of people who presented with trauma to their big toe. Whether it was from carrying a heavy object for an interview or someone else did it to you, we can help. Although some patients did not have health insurance, I work with patients to give them the best care possible, whether or not they are able to pay. We offer convenient payment plans so that they don’t have to go to the ER for something that is manageable in the office.

Here’s something you should know about your big toe injury.

  1. If you dropped something heavy on your toe, getting an xray is needed and will best tell you whether or not the bone was broken and in how many pieces. Sometimes a simple fracture can be immediately repaired with a pin for stabilization.
  2. Sometimes your toenail will fall off on it’s own if it was damaged or will need to be removed because of the blood and dirt that gets trapped under the nail. Keeping it clean can prevent further infection.
  3. You may need antibiotics for an open fracture.
  4. You will need a follow-up xray to see how your healing is progressing.
  5. Bone takes at least 6-8 weeks to heal, depending on your individual risk factors.
  6. You will need to wear a flat hard soled shoe (surgical shoe) to prevent the toe from moving too much during the healing process.
  7. There will be pain and throbbing for awhile. Take your pain meds as instructed and limit your activities until healed.

Most likely you went to the ER or Urgent Care Center when you encountered the injury. Make sure you follow up with your local foot and ankle specialist so that infection and opportunity to heal faster is not missed. If you are in the Santa Cruz County, call us at 831-288-3400 for your foot and ankle issue. We offer convenient payment plans and will work with you to get you better fast.

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