Do you wonder if your toe pain has to do with a hammering toe? A hammertoe is when the toe bends at the joint. Sometimes the bend can be easily straightened out, while a long standing hammertoe is stuck in an unnatural position. This unnatural bend can cause pain like from rubbing against your shoe or in more severe deformity, it can cross over to the neighboring toe. No one deserves to have toe pain. So here are some home remedies you can try at home.

  1. Aim for shoes with a wide toe box – this means choose sensible shoes that allow your toes to move freely. The more friction there is between the toe and the shoe, the more pain can result. Overtime, this friction can lead to a blister, open sore or a thickening of the tissue.
  2. Try a toe splint – In cases where the toe is flexible and can still straighten out as you gently move your toe, toe splints such as a Budin Splint or Crest Pad (see image, top is made of a soft gel, bottom tan colored one is made of suede) can straighten the toe so that the joint isn’t rubbing against the shoe.
  3. Toe sleeve – In cases where the hammertoe feels stuck, or is rigid, a gel toe sleeve can alleviate the pain.

We carry these products in the office for our patient’s convenience. However, if you feel you’ve tried the above and would like to discuss other options including surgery, give us a call at 831-288-3400.

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