Earth Day is my favorite day because it makes me think about all the different things I could be doing to preserve our beautiful Earth. I’d love to hear from you on your tips and tricks on caring for your feet in an eco-conscious way. Here are mine:

  1. I love my new bamboo socks. Socks make my sensitive feet happy. I got to experiment with bamboo fibers from a California-based sock company and absolutely love them. Bamboo plants are eco-friendly, they keep feet dry by absorbing moisture & wicking it away from your feet so they’re not sticky (which was a noticeable difference from cotton socks) and the softest thing my ginger feet have ever felt. You’ll have to try them.
  2. I’ve abandoned toenail polish. I was an addicted nail polish user for many many years until I realized the damage it was doing to my toenails. Not only did the polish strip away the moisture in my nails, leaving it dry, brittle and with weird white streaks, I had to use chemically laced nail polish remover which made my sensitive nose itching for fresh air. It was a chemical cycle of polish and remove season after season. I also developed toenail fungus from the polish which ended up being the last straw. My toes are now happily naked and free of fungus.
  3. I also suffer from plantar fasciitis (heel pain). I like to repurpose used items, giving life to single-use water bottles. To sooth the aches, take a water bottle, fill it with about 75% of water, then freeze (water expands when frozen, this will give it room to not explode). Massage out the plantar fascia with the frozen water bottle by placing the bottle on the ground and rolling your foot on it. You can also opt for anything round, like a can of beans to massage the area. After all, we want to be using less of those single-use water bottles.

What tricks do you have to care for your feet in an eco-friendly way?

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