Are you having a difficult time trimming your own toenails because they are thick? There are many reasons for developing thick toenails. The most common is toenail fungus but other reasons include aging, circulation disorders, diabetes, neuropathy or genetics.

Here are some simple tricks you can try at home to soften thick toenails:

  • Soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes ORnail gel
  • Apply a urea based nail solution, like our Kera 42% Urea Nail Gel* available in our office. This is applied to the thick toenails twice a day until they are soft enough for you to trim.
  • Use sharp nail cutters, like these toenail clippers*pedifix.png

*We can special order these products for our patients since they are only available for physician purchases. The quality of online purchases from non-authorized vendors cannot be guaranteed.*

If you are at a place in your life where you can live without toenails, which is common among the elderly, I have a secret trick to safely remove the toenail.

  • Take Vick’s Vaporub, generously apply it onto the toenail and cover it with plastic wrap. Do this nightly and in about 2 weeks, the nail should gently fall off. *Please be cautious if you have diabetes or circulation problems. Leaving on plastic for long periods on your feet can cause wounds and infection.*

If you need additional help in cutting your toenails, let us help. If toenail fungus is the source, we have several options to treat the fungus. Give us a call at 831-288-3400. 

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