Ingrown Toenail – Patient Review

Dr. Tea, “I had the pleasure of meeting Makayla who is 13 years old and in 8th grade. Her mom has given me permission to ask her some questions about her experiences in my office. I wrote down the questions and gave her time to answer them on her own. Here are her responses, unadulterated, and without influence from mom or myself. Pinky promise.”

Why did you see Dr. Tea?
“I came to see Dr. Tea because I had an ingrown toenail.”

What did you expect at your appointment?
“I expected it to hurt a lot.”

How was your experience?
“It was good because it wasn’t as painful as it thought it would be.”

Did Dr. Tea fix your problem?
“Yes, she did fix my problem because I don’t have an ingrown anymore.”

Were you scared?
“Yes, at first but Dr. Tea made me feel comfortable.”

Was Dr. Tea scary?
“No, she was really nice.”

How did the staff treat you?
“They treated me good and made me feel welcome.”

What do you want to share with other people who may have the same problem?
“That it may feel scary at first but once it’s over you will feel relieved and happy that your ingrown is gone.”

Would you recommend other people to see Dr. Tea? Why or why not?
“Yes, because she is very nice and she solved my problem.”

If you would like to be evaluated for your ingrown toenail, please call us at
831-288-3400 or use our contact form to request an appointment.

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