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Who is KeryFlex For?

If you suffer from embarrassing toenail discoloration or irregularity and want an immediate professional aesthetic solution, KeryFlex might be for you. 

KeryFlex is different from rigid acrylic nail in that it is made up of a resin that is flexible and durable. The nail will bend with the natural movement of the toe(s) and is applied under the sanitary conditions of a medical office.

It is not recommended if you:

  • do not have at least 20% of a natural nail for the product to bond to
  • suffer from diabetes, circulation problems or neuropathy
  • are pregnant
  • have suspicious pigmented lesions

Your Office Visit

You will be evaluated by Dr. Tea who will determine if KeryFlex is right for you. KeryFlex is a nail restoration system, therefore does not treat any underlying medical condition. The doctor will be able to prescribe treatment of the diseased toenail if needed.

The application of KeryFlex takes 15-30 minutes in the office, depending on how much the nail(s) need to be prepared and shaped. 

After Care

After KeryFlex has been applied, it is recommended that you wear well fitted shoes that does not apply pressure against the toenail to prevent damaging the prosthetic.

You may paint the nail and use acetone nail polish remover.

The nail lasts an average of 6-8 weeks and that’s when reapplication is recommended.

Before & After

Immediate results with KeryFlex

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