You don't have to live with foot pain forever. We take pride in improving patient's well being by providing quick and painless in-office services so you can get in and get on your life. What issues do you have?

I have a weird skin/nail thing

A biopsy can be performed by taking a small sample of the skin or nail. The area will be numbed with a shot so you won't feel the biopsy. This then gets sent to the lab that will confirm the diagnosis. It is important to do to rule out melanoma, for example.

I have general foot pain

Many conditions, including flat feet, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and low back pain, would benefit with custom made orthotics. These are medical devices, also called inserts, that are specifically prescribed for your condition and foot type by a specialist. It is a higher quality than what is found in the stores and can last a long time. These support the arch and other areas of your foot to provide relief. We capture the shape of your foot, either by plaster molds or using a digital scanner, and write a prescription to correct your individual problem.

I have thick toenails that I can't trim

Thick toenails may indicate an underlying nail disease, such as nail fungus. A specialist can diagnose and use a professional grade nail burr to thin the nails to your comfort level.

I have a thick painful callus or is it a wart?

Maybe you've tried going to a nail salon to address your callus problem but it just isn't enough. A specialist can diagnose and treat the skin condition by taking a closer look since both can look similar. Only a medical professional should be shaving down the callus using a sterile surgical blade. A wart will require a medical grade treatment to kill it when freezing it doesn't work.

I have pain, would it benefit from a steroid injection?

Many foot conditions would benefit from a steroid injection and a specialist would diagnose and make the recommendation if it is appropriate. Common reasons for steroid injections include: chronic plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, degenerative joint, scar tissue, to name a few.

I have heel pain but don't want an injection

Shockwave therapy might be for you. This is a quick 5 minute procedure using energy waves to enhance blood flow to heal the area. Click the link to learn more.

I have an ingrown toenail and it hurts!

An ingrown toenail can become infected causing more pain. Often times, people who try home treatments end up making it worse. Don't be afraid to see a foot specialist. If needed, the ingrown toenail can be removed in as little as 2 minutes. The area will be numbed with a small shot and the ingrown nail will be gently trimmed and removed.

I'm embarrassed by my discolored toenail. What options do you provide?

KeryFlex Nail Restoration is only available to medical professionals. It is a soft resin that is applied directly onto the nail that gives immediate pleasing aesthetic results. Additionally, the medical professional can diagnose and treat the underlying nail disease while performing the nail restoration with medical grade sterilized instruments.

I have a wound that doesn't seem to be healing

Wound care is our specialty. We aim to heal you quickly by diagnosing underlying medical conditions, analyzing your pressure points, and applying skin grafts as needed. Wound care requires a team approach so we work alongside your doctors coordinating your care in an efficient and timely manner.