Self Pay Prices for 2021

If you choose to use your health insurance, these fees may not apply. Some treatments are not covered by insurance.

New Patient $225

  • Up to 45 minutes for the initial consultation. Available for in-person or virtual visit (phone, text, video)
  • In-house x-rays & interpretation, if needed
  • Each additional 15 minutes, add $25

Established Patient Follow-Up $125

  • Up to 15 minutes, available for in-person or virtual visit (phone, text, video)
  • Each additional 15 minutes, add $25
  • X-ray or live fluoroscopy, add $50
  • Ultrasound, add $75

Common Procedures

  • KeryFlex toenail restoration: first toenail is $140, each add on $20. 
    • Medical evaluation add $185 for new patient.
    • No additional fees for established patients. 
Office visit fee will be waived if you choose the following:
  • Restorative therapy injections – varies based on anatomy. Starts at $650, includes ultrasound evaluation & guided injection, and 2 follow-up visits. 
  • Ingrown toenail removal, temporary: $300, each add on same visit $150. Includes 1 follow-up visit at 2 weeks. 
  • Ingrown toenail removal, permanent: $400, each add on same visit $150. Includes 1 follow-up visit at 2 weeks. If recurs within 1 year, no charge to repeat procedure.
  • Wart treatment with our no scarring technique (chemical destruction) $150, each add on $10. Average of 3 treatments may be needed. 
  • Wart surgical removal under local anesthesia $350 first lesion. Includes 1 follow-up visit at 2 weeks.
  • Custom orthotics are prescription medical devices that alleviates foot pain. Includes biomechanical exam and 1 modification at 1 month $650.

Toenail & Callus Care $99

  • All inclusive price for trimming, debridement of thick diseased nails, careful trimming of calluses, up to 15 minutes
  • Each additional 15 minutes, add $25
  • Unlimited virtual visits (phone, text, video) related to toenail and callus care for the next 30 days

Feet Wellness Membership for Recently Healed Diabetic Foot Ulcers $250 per month

  • This is perfect for continuous care with a fellowship trained expert in limb preservation who understands everything you have gone through and the challenges that are unique to you. This is exclusively for established patients who recently healed a diabetic foot ulcer. Data shows that 50% of healed ulcers can still recur within the first year, so long term maintenance is essential in preventing major amputation.
  • Unlimited virtual visits (phone, text, video)
  • Weekly 15 minute in-office exam for monitoring recurrence & maintenance protection 
  • X-rays as needed
  • Aftercare with toenail & callus trimming as needed, max of once per week
  • Once healing is stable, you can convert to our Toenail & Callus Care $99 service once per month or be referred to a trusted partner

Expert Wound Care Packages with The Modern Wound Healer

  • If you already have a podiatrist for routine toenail & callus care but want an expert to treat your diabetic foot ulcer, this is the perfect package for you. You can choose one of the following:
    • 1 wound care visit with expert recommendations, debridements, and aftercare dressings $300 each visit
    • 6 week package $1740 ($290 each visit)
    • 12 week package $3360 ($280 each visit)
  • Regenerative therapies & grafts to accelerate wound healing – prices vary based on size
  • Minimally invasive surgery may be recommended to accelerate healing – prices vary  

Hospital Visits $250 per day

  • Dr. Tea Nguyen is credentialed at Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) and Watsonville Community Hospital (WCH). She will work closely with your care team so that you are optimized for healing and long term wellness. 
  • Our goal with your membership is to prevent sudden hospitalization that could have been prevented with routine monitoring and care. If you have any questions, call us immediately at 831-288-3400. 

*Prices subject to change based on complexity. Additional procedures and surgery quotes available upon consultation. At Pacific Point Podiatry, you will always know the fees before the service is rendered.