Surgical Solutions - Foot, Ankle and Wound Specialist

When Do I Need Foot and Ankle Surgery?

Many foot and ankle problems can be addressed with conservative strategies. Some approach may include:

  • Changing or modifying activities
  • Wearing more supportive shoes 
  • Avoiding activities that worsen your pain
  • Adding corrective orthotics to your shoes, prescribed by a specialist
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain pills and/or creams
  • Shockwave therapy for chronic soft tissue disorders

However, there are some conditions that shouldn’t wait. These include:

  • A recent broken bone
  • Rupture/torn Achilles tendon in active individuals
  • Retained debris or foreign material causing infection
  • Compartment syndrome

In other cases, elective surgery may be discussed once conservative treatment has failed to relieve you of pain and deformity. Types of surgery Dr. Tea performs include:

  • Bunion & hammertoe correction
  • Joint replacement or fusion of the big toe
  • Nerve decompression and/or neurectomy
  • Shaving of bone spurs
  • Ankle arthroscopy with debridement of inflamed tissue
  • Charcot deformity correction
  • Wound surgery, split-thickness skin grafts, skin and/or muscle flaps