I don’t know about you but I dislike getting a surprise bill. In fact, I just got a surprise bill from my doctor’s visit this past week that was double my usual fees! (Yes doctors do still need to see other doctors.) I really had to catch my breath when I went through the bill and then thought to myself, why don’t they inform patients ahead of time of these fees?

We all know how annoying hidden fees can be. It can cause distrust between the provider and patient, which is exactly the opposite of what healthcare should be.

Therefore, I’ve set out to be as transparent as possible about how I price my fee schedule so that potential patients are well informed before scheduling their appointment. Plus, I price them slightly lower than the local average because, well, why not? So take advantage of these lower rates before I change my mind. 🙂

Learn about my fees at: https://831feet.com/pricing

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