Sesamoiditis is inflammation of the sesamoid bone which is found on the ball of your foot. There are 2 sesamoid bones located at the first metatarsal bone. These bones are unique because it is suspended by ligaments, much like your knee cap, and look like a sesame seed on xray.

Inflammation causes pain and makes walking uncomfortable. It is important to address this problem because if left ignored it can change the way you walk leading to other foot and ankle issues.

Home care for sesamoiditis includes decreasing activities that make it worse, avoiding barefoot walking and high heeled shoes which increases pressure to the ball of your foot, and choosing sensible shoes that have adequate cushioning. If symptoms do not change after 2 weeks then it maybe time for you to see a foot and ankle specialist.

We offer

– in-house xrays which can show if there are any broken bones

– medical grade and custom orthotics to help decrease the pain

– steroid injections and

– surgical recommendations as a last resort.

Don’t let foot pain slow you down. Let us help. Make your appointment now at 831-288-3400.

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